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Nish and Rohan

This is a story of two lovers Nisha and Rohan. Nisha was 19 and Rohan was 21. They study in same college and liked each other. They met in canteen everyday and lost their heart

They were very happy and love each other. After completing the college Rohan got busy in his job and he had no enough time for Nisha. She wanted his time but he was very busy everytime and did not even reply her phone calls or sms.

Slowly slowly the charm of their love became fade and understanding became less. She just wanted his love and time but unfortunately she did not get it.

One day Rohan called him but she was very disappointed and did not pick up the call. She got depressed and met her friend, her friend suggest to visit 'Love Guru Expert'. She visit the website and get connected with us.

Our experts search the problem and give some instructions. She followed the suggestion step by step, she got the trust and understanding again. She met Rohan, talked him and remove all the misunderstanding.

They got their love charm again and their love was strongest now. She was very thankful to Love Guru Expert.





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