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Rahul and Jyoti

It is the story of two college students whose love enables them to overcome any critical problem in their life. Rahul, belonged to middle class family at the other hand Jyoti was expected to control and help of her father's business, while Rahul was a music major studying at famous college and planning to study in abroad to build up his identity.

Rahul and Jyoti are immediately attracted to each other and their love was going to dark day by day. The story of Jyoti and Rahul is a story of two young people who come from two separate worlds and are loved together very much.

By completing their graduation from college and they two decided to marry. Jyoti’s father was against to their marriage and they dislike the Rahul. Jyoti struggled to pay for Rahul so that he can continue the study of music. Jyoti was working as a private school teacher. In the last year of his college, Rahul got several job offers and took up a position at a respectable Bangalore firm.

Jyoti promised to follow Rahul everywhere in her life. The couple moved to Bangalore City and they were very happy to spend more time together, rather than working and studying. They were very happy and everything was going according to their plan. One day jyoti was got ill and went to the Doctor. After checked up and report, Doctor informed Rahul and Jyoti that Jyoti was suffering from leukemia and will be live for few months.

As instructed by his doctor, Rahul made her happy all the time and took care of her to live a normal life without telling the condition of Jyoti . Jyoti was very sad but she never expressed her sadness in front of Rahul. After many days together, Jenny began a costly therapy, and Rahul soon became unable to afford the costly hospital charges.

He was very desperate and decided to seek help of Jyoti’s father. He did not tell her father what the money is truly for. From her hospital bed, Jyoti spoke to her father about funeral arrangements, and then asks for Rahul. She told Rahul not to blaming himself and asks him to remind her words what before she died.

Her father realized that Jyoti was ill and that Rahul borrowed the money for her, he immediately set out for Bangalore. By the time he reached the hospital, Jyoti died. Her father felt sorry for her daughter who replied with something Jyoti had once told him: "Love means not ever having to say you're sorry..." and broke down in his arms.





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