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Sarah and Asad

This story is related to the happy couple Sarah and Asad. They were very best friend. After some time, the friendship converted into Love. Asad was very shy and hesitate to express the feelings of love for Sarah.

At the other hand Sarah was very frank and expresses her feelings with new style with Asad. After some time she felt to be ignored by Asad and became doubtful to the feeling of love in the heart of Asad.

She became very rude and made issue in small matter. Asad could not understand about the fault of his and always try to make her understand. But she got irritated every time and did not response to the calls and sms of Asad.

He did not want her loose and one day he visited on our site Love Guru Expert. He registered and contacted us. Our expert talked him and know the story carefully. He told every bad moment of his relationship.

We advised him to express the feelings frankly in front of her. He seriously follows every instruction of us and slowly left his hesitation what actually she wanted.

He impressed her with new ideas and gave her surprises. He got his love again and spent his relation full of heart.





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