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Sonam and Vyas

This is the story of a girl and a boy named as Sonam and Vyas. Sonam was a topper girl. She mostly spent her time more on learning and studying. She was like a book worm and took less interest in the games and extra curricular activities. She was not so beautiful and belonged from an orthodox family.

After days passed, she completed her study and she took admission in the college. There she met a new boy as her class mate. She was shocked and happy when she got to know that he was her new neighbor too.

They became good friends and mostly talked about the studies. One day after some time Sonam went to her native place and Vyas missed her so much. When she came back, Vyas was very happy, he met her and proposed her immediately and Sonam who was waiting for these words, said ‘ok’.

It was the time of their final exams and their parents were strict to scored good marks. They stopped meeting for long time and give preference to their studies. They met during exams, they met each other but bad luck is that their parents saw them being close. They were got separated.

They studied well, stopped talking to each other. Sonam who was the topper in the class, missed her concentration in studies. Day came when result arrived. Sonam scored less marks with average percentage but Vyas was under distinction and he became the topper of the class. The boy kept his promise to the parents and cut the relationship with Sonam.

But Sonam was mad in the love and she missed him every time. She always tried to get the information about Vyas. On the one fine day Vyas got a call in his hostel and he got worried because his mom never used to call him at night.

He picked up the call and said ‘hello’ and the other side was just silence for a moment and said ‘hello’ in a sweet voice. Vyas felt so guilty and spoke up in anger ‘don’t call me again’ and dropped the call. Sonam always used to call him.

One day he received the calls and felt so much guilt as he spoiled the life of that girl. He started talking to her again as a friend. But the feelings of Sonam were the same and love him with heart. After passed years they became 30years but still unmarried triying to convince their parents for their marriage.





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